hdpe pipes for sale in Kenya

HDPE Pipes for Sale in Kenya

Boost your yields and save water with our extensive selection of irrigation pipes for sale in Kenya! Choosing the right pipe system can dramatically improve your farm’s efficiency, helping you navigate Kenya’s diverse growing conditions with confidence.

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Why use HDPE?

High-density polyethylene (HDPE) pipes are the gold standard for modern irrigation. They’re:


Last for decades, even in harsh sun and rugged terrain


Easy to install and navigate around obstacles.


Minimize water loss and protect your precious resources.


Offer excellent value for your investment.


We believe in more than just selling pipes. We believe in sustainable agriculture, empowered communities, and a brighter future for Kenya. That’s why we offer:

  • A diverse range of HDPE pipes and fittings: From layflat dripline to pressure compensating options, we have the perfect solution for your unique needs and terrain.
  • Expert advice: Our team of irrigation specialists is dedicated to helping you choose the right system and maximize its effectiveness.
  • Competitive prices: We believe in making sustainable irrigation accessible, offering top-quality products at fair prices.
  • Reliable delivery and support: We’re here every step of the way, ensuring your project runs smoothly from planning to harvest.

With Eunidrip, you’re not just buying pipes, you’re investing in a future of growth and prosperity. Join us on a mission to make Kenyan agriculture more efficient, resilient, and profitable.

Types of HDPE Pipes in Kenya

Choosing the right irrigation pipe for your farm can be a game-changer for efficiency and water savings. Here’s a rundown of six popular irrigation pipes in Kenya:

Drip Pipes

Delivery Pipes

PVC Pipes

HDPE Pipes


We are here to help


Since 2014, we’ve been transforming Kenyan farms with durable, efficient irrigation solutions. Our high-quality HDPE pipes are the backbone of countless thriving fields, turning dreams into bountiful harvests.

We believe in more than just selling irrigation pipes; we believe in sustainable agriculture, empowered communities, and a brighter future for Kenya.

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What are the different types of irrigation pipes?

Each pipe has its own personality! Here are some top contenders:
Drip irrigation: Precision heroes, delivering water directly to plant roots for minimal evaporation. Perfect for row crops, orchards, and vineyards.
Layflat pipes: Lightweight nomads, ideal for temporary irrigation and long-distance water transport. Easy to lay out and budget-friendly.
PVC pipes: The budget veterans, rigid and easy to connect, best for gravity-fed systems in well-maintained environments.
HDPE pipes: Durability champions, strong and flexible for both above and below ground use. UV-resistant, leak-resistant, and high-pressure friendly.
Soaker hoses: Gentle giants, providing even watering for lawns, gardens, and flower beds. Easy to move and store, perfect for surface irrigation.

What should I consider when choosing pipes?

Be a water detective! Consider:
Water source: Gravity-fed, pumped, or well?
Water pressure: How much can your system handle?
Flow rate: How much water do your plants need?
Crop type: Different plants have different thirst levels.
Budget: How much can you invest in your watering system?

Where can I buy irrigation pipes?

Many online and offline stores offer pipes. Look for reputable vendors with good selection and knowledgeable staff. Remember, Eunidrip Irrigation Systems is a trusted source for high-quality solutions in Kenya!

How do I maintain my irrigation pipes?

Regular maintenance keeps your pipes flowing! Flush the system to remove clogs, check for leaks, and store pipes properly when not in use.

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